Empathy, relationship, consent – NVC in family and life

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Empathy, relationship, consent – NVC in family and life is 6 day-long meeting, 30 hours workshop, practical exercises, constant contact and training materials – an unusual Nonviolent Communication (NVC) course

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NVC in relationships (mostly parent-child and parent-parent) is a course for those who believe that the world must not be based on domination, penalties, awards, screaming and one predetermined model. In the world of NVC what counts is mutual understanding, respect, love, relation. We give attention to feelings and we are looking for good methods to meet the needs of all people involved.

We all have a range of natural and universal needs that we strive to meet. Emotions show us if we have managed to meet them. It is the ability to understand of the role of emotion a revolution in communication. Emotions that you feel eg. sadness, surprise, anger, joy, frustration is information about whether our needs are satisfied, or maby you need more respect, trust and sense in your life.

Enjoy a 30-hour intensive, practical NVC course.


If you want to enjoy life in a good atmosphere and consider conflicts as means to reaching deeper

in relations with another person.

If you have enough of the daily quarrels and relationships based on force and domination.

If you want to contact your needs, and learn how to recognise emotions.

If you want to practice your empathy. Instead of "jumping" to conclusions and giving advice, you can understand and listen to the other side – children, partner, co-workers or your boss. In NVC it is enough that only one party knows and understands this method to allow more satisfactory communication.

If you already know NVC, but have difficulties in the practical application of your knowledge.

If you easily get angry – whether at home or at work.

During the course we will also learn how to mediate e.g. between children in conflict to build consensus.

Intensive course, unique on the Polish market. We also invite parents with small children. (Please identify and notify organisers if you plan to be accompanied by a child).


How to build relationships.

How to speak and listen to your child.

How to enjoy being a parent.

How to build based on trust and cooperation relations with your child.

How to respond with empathy.

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This course is run by the certified NVC trainer Joanna Berendt, author of many articles, co-author of books and blogs on NVC, experienced trainer, coach and mediator.

She will be assisted by Emilia Kulpa-Nowak, finished NVC postgraduate studies and advanced NVC courses and Sylwia Włodarska, finished NVC postgraduate studies.

Jeśli umiemy okazywać empatię, możemy pozostać bezbronni, zapobiec wybuchom przemocy, znieść cudzą odmowę, nie dopatrując się w niej dowodu, że nas odtrącono, ożywić drętwą rozmowę, a nawet usłyszeć uczucia i potrzeby wyrażane w milczeniu.
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